Vision, Mission, Values

NOTE: As of October 15, 2013, we have moved all of our blog content to our self-hosted company site Please visit us there for all of our resources or to connect with us in any way. Thanks for visiting! 

Vision. What we want to become

C2IT Consulting creates and implements technology solutions for small scale organizations and associations with an economy of scale that typically only larger companies can afford. We accomplish this through strategic partnerships with innovative first clients and a future-focused product life-cycle that consistently produces new lines of business and propels the company into new niches, markets, and industries.

Mission. What we are setting out to do… now.

Our one-year mission is to develop loyal strategic partnerships with customers and associations for whom we help build innovative and scalable technology solutions, and which consistently produce new lines of business and propel C2IT into new niches, markets, and industries.

To do this, we will (1) increase efficiency, focus, and customer loyalty and satisfaction within our existing client base through process and team development and evaluation of (a) on-target opportunities with these clients and (b) off-target lines of work that necessitate partnerships or referrals to other IT firms.

We will also (2) identify and establish profitable relationships within strategic associations and innovative first clients that will allow us to develop scaled technology solutions that (a) have true economic value to our clients, (b) are scalable to multiple sizes and types of businesses within similar industries or niches, and (c) create increasing opportunities for partnerships with additional organizations and associations.

Finally, we will (3) build a team-focused atmosphere within our organization that recognizes the value of each team member, rewards both the individual and the team for achievements, and clearly defines roles and relationships based not only upon tasks to be performed, but also upon personal traits and character attributes, a flexible yet effective work environment, and timely achievement of our company’s goals.

Values. How we do what we do.

Attentive Discovery – the products and services we have to sell are focused on our clients’ needs and goals, not our own pre-determined understanding of what they want.

Loyal Partnerships– Long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients are critical to the success of our business model.

Economic Value – We provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients and become sound financial investments for them.

Equipping and Empowering Relationships – We look for opportunities to help amplify the strengths of those we server: our clients, staff, management, and community.

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