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The Cobbler’s New Shoes: What We Learned on the Way to a New Web Site

A story about lessons learned while building a new website. While this is not our own tale, it is a very common experience.

Last year, we recognized our company’s web site was in woeful need of an overhaul. Our first clue? We no longer wanted to look at our own website. The second clue? No one else ever went there either… Here is some of what we learned, offered in the hope that it will encourage others who may be about to embark on a similar journey.

1. Decide What to Say

We started by articulating our message in the form of a credentials presentation. Then we built our story around the idea of being ‘a black jelly bean,’ a metaphor inspired by one of our clients. This proved to be a good approach as our message was clear from the beginning. The next challenge was translating the message into a web format.

2. Decide on a Look and Feel

If you were buying a custom designed dress, you’d start by going to runway shows, leafing through pattern books, and looking at what the stars are wearing. We learned a lot by going to other sites, exploring existing templates and themes, and reaching agreement on what we liked and didn’t like. We decided we wanted a clean, content rich site that didn’t immediately peg us as a market research firm or ad agency. Finally, we wanted to be seen as not just smart but also fun to do business with. Colorful images would be needed to add the right amount of whimsy.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/the-cobblers-new-shoes-what-we-learned-on-the-way-to-a-new-web-site-0136551#RolOoMzvbSuYzf0h.99

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