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TXT Update

Today we added a couple key (although still very basic) sections of the site – user authentication / login and the ability to edit basic group information.


You can now log into the site using the link in the top corner of the page. We don’t have a way to administer these logins, yet, but it’s a piece to the automated signup / sign-in process we’ll use once we’re ready to go public with this. Authentication here is not for general users of the site getting messages… this is for actual schools and organizations that will be publishing and sharing information.

  • The registration links and page will have to be modified … this is where we’ll actually sign up a new user / organization (not just a login)
  • A user can be tied to several groups / schools. Right now my login is the admin for all the groups on the site.

Group Information

There’s now a page to view and edit group information. Right now it’s just the basic information, but eventually, this will be where feeds are managed, created, etc.

View Mode

Edit Mode

That’s it for now. Didn’t get a whole lot done but these are key pieces, and today we have some other tasks to attend to.

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