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Quickly add a Google Map to your site, WITHOUT Scripts or IFrames

I ran across a rather cool trick you can do with Google Maps today while working on some automated marketing we’re going to be doing with our website. Most of the times you see a Google Map on someone’s website, they’ve gone and created that map using Google’s tools and then copy/pasted some SCRIPT or IFRAME text into their page… which works OK, and gets you a nice map you can move around in, but is really a pain if you just wanted an image of a particular city, neighborhood, etc.

So today we discovered how to pull an image of a city or an address using a standard <IMG> tag. It’s really simple. (if you want the details, click here)

Take this map of my hometown, for example:

Plainfield, Indiana - Roadmap

This image was created using this easy-t0-maniuplate URL:


All you do is change a few values and you can position this map anywhere you’d like.


  • City, State … Plainfield, IN
  • Zipcode … 46168
  • Address … 1917 Hawthorn Drive, Plainfield, IN
  • Lat / Lon… 39.77,-86.16


  • 1 … World VIew
  • 10 … About a Small City
  • 15… Neighborhood
  • 18… Street level


  • WidthXHeight … 300×300


  • Roadmap
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid


  • False
  • True
  • I don’t know what this does, but you have to have it.

So by playing with these values, you can easily make all sorts of images for your site like these:

My actual use of this is going to be in some marketing work we’re doing with our website to create localized versions of pages that will include local city and county information, along with a map (like these) to make our pages more “personal” to the people that visit them. Yes, it’s essentially a mail merge and SEO trick, but when people are looking for a web designer or programmer and want someone local, you don’t want to miss them because they typed in “Plainfield” instead of “Mooresville.” This will allow us to spread our net a little wider in a personal manner, and these images will dress that up just a little bit.

If you’d like help doing that with YOUR website, let us know!

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